New Model Inspires Collaboration and Hope for Stroke Awareness and Prevention in the San Joaquin Valley through Healings in Motion’s “CV-RAPS” Program

Healings in Motion helps victims with practical and useable information to deal with the aftermaths of a devastating life event, such as a stroke. Change is inevitable and but there are many resources existing to curb the financial devastation that may result from change. Change is not an issue of “if”, but rather “when”.

Healings in Motion’s monthly lunch and learn program, CV-RAPS, an acronym for the Central Valley, Recovery, Awareness, Preventing Strokes program, includes stroke survivors, Caregivers and representatives from a variety of medical fields including paramedics, social workers, Speech-Language Pathologists and other medical professions. The recent speaker was Dr. Casey Case, PhD from SanBio, a scientific leader in cell therapies for regenerative medicine.

Dr. Case’s visit to San Joaquin County drew stroke survivors and Caregivers from Sacramento, Rio Vista, Modesto and other surrounding cities. SanBio is currently testing the SB623 cell therapy in a Phase 1/2A clinical trial that will enroll 18 patients that are between 6 months and 36 months following an ischemic stroke. “Participating patients will be followed for two years to monitor safety of the SB623 cell therapy,” says Dr. Casey. “While safety is the primary outcome measure, tests to assess motor, sensory, and cognitive ability will also be performed.”

Jim Chong, Retirement Planning Consultant, presented the concept entitled “Getting the Word Out Through Collaboration…Catching Four Rabbits with Four Hunters.” The concept is relevant to Healings in Motion’s mission to increase stroke awareness and prevention. Chong used the hunter’s model to encourage and recruit partnerships in the audience to be more accountable and supportive of Healings in Motion’s mission.

Recovery from a stroke may be a life-long challenge. It is the #1 cause of long-term disability. Most survivors of a stroke are victims to the financial challenges brought by the sudden change. An entire family may suffer financially from it. According to Chong, these financial challenges can also be prevented.

The CV-RAPS Program facilitated the innovative clinical study with Dr. Casey’s message and enhanced it with Jim Chong’s model for collaboration and asset protection. Jim also stressed the importance of having insurances with living benefits. “Proper reallocation of funds can help maximize benefits and provide financial endurance through a major catastrophic event,” says Chong.

About Healings in Motion

Healings in Motion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that facilitates programs and events to prevent strokes and support the recovery of strokes, Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurological Impairments. The organization began in Stockton, Ca and serves the San Joaquin County, Central Valley.

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