May is Stroke Awareness Month

National Stroke Awareness Month takes place in May every year. Healings in Motion is honoring this very special time of the year to increase public awareness of stroke in an effort to help conquer it with two very special events:

Solutions 4 Life
Stroke Awareness Day in San Joaquin County

When it comes to raising awareness about stroke, even the smallest efforts make a difference. Raising stroke awareness is about:

  • Elevating stroke in the mindset of everyone so that more people care about supporting stroke research and education.
  • Ensuring that everyone understands the emotional, physical and financial impacts that stroke has on our community.
  • Influencing others to improve their health by sharing personal stories of how stroke has already affected the lives of so many.
  • Talking to legislators and thought leaders about how their decisions can positively affect survivors throughout their recovery.
  • Providing a platform for stroke survivors and their families to discuss their experiences and live with dignity.

Stroke survivors possess the most influential and inspiring knowledge needed to make an impact on society.

Click here to join us at Solutions 4 Life or Stroke Awareness Day in San Joaquin County and lets make a difference – Together!

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