Healings in Motion Announces Recovery Expert, Dr. Russell Rottacker, Chiropractic Neurologist, speaking on “Balance Disorders, Remedies and Fall Prevention”

Healings in Motion brings Stroke Survivors and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors together to support recovery at the Central Valley Recovery, Awareness, Preventing Strokes (“CV-RAPS”) program. The speaker is recovery expert, Dr. Russell Rottacker DC, DACNB, This lunch and learn program will be Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 12PM-2PM at the San Joaquin Stockton Worknet Building, 56 S. Lincoln Street, Conference Center, Stockton, CA. The public is invited to attend.

Dr. Russell Rottacker is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist practicing in San Joaquin County. Dr. Rottacker treats patients with a variety of vertigo, balance, dizziness and movement disorders, dystonia, headaches, and pain. According to Dr. Rottacker, infections in the eye, an inner-ear infection, muscle tension or a variety of other problems can cause balance disorders. Medicine can also cause wooziness and tamper with your balance, says Rottacker. Treatment may be simple such as an exercise program for a weak muscle or as complex as performing balance and coordination motions on one leg while listening to music in one ear while watching a moving checkerboard pattern. In many cases there is a need for lifestyle/dietary change and nutritional support to reverse problems with metabolism.

Dr. Russell Rottacker is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board and is a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California. A Chiropractic Neurologist is qualified to diagnose and treat a wide range of nervous system disorders, similar to a medical Neurologist. The difference is that the treatment options do not utilize medications or surgical intervention but use instead sensory stimulation and motor control system activation to rehabilitate the nervous system. Currently Dr. Rottacker is in an advanced training program focused on neurodegenerative disease.

Healings in Motion presents CV-RAPS on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Stroke Survivors throughout San Joaquin County attend and hear experts in the area of brain health and related topics supporting recovery. Other medical professionals also attend which enhances the dialogue at this event. Spicing up the program,Healings in Motion serves a healthy lunch and a sugar-free beverage to emphasize the value of a healthy diet in recovery.

Cost to attend is $10.00.

To make a reservation or for more information please call 877-672-4480.

Advance Tickets available sales at http://junecvraps.eventbrite.com

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