Healings in Motion and Stroke Resources, Inc. Partner to Prevent Strokes in the Central Valley by Increasing Awareness and Response to Stroke Symptoms and Treatment.

Healings in Motion and Stroke Resources, Inc. collaborate to increase stroke awareness in the Central Valley and stress the importance of taking action when stroke symptoms occur. “May is recognized as National Stroke Awareness Month. We want to emphasize local resources and available care for patients, families and the general public”, says Betty Laird, President of Stroke Resources. Stroke Awareness in the Central Valley is a special version of the monthly educational program Healings in Motion provides on the 4th Wednesday of each month known as “CV-RAPS”, Central Valley, Recovery, Awareness, Preventing Stroke. This special day for Stroke Awareness in the Central Valley will be May 25, 2011 at the Worknet Building located at 56 S. Lincoln Street in Stockton, CA. 12pm-4:30pm.

According to the American Heart Association, a stroke happens every 45-seconds. Strokes are now listed as the 4th cause of death nationally and remain the #1 cause of long-term disability. Strokes can happen at any age. “No one wakes up and says “I’m going to have a stroke today”. Strokes are sudden. That is why everyone should know the stroke symptoms and be stroke alert. When it comes to strokes, time is everything, says Mary Nicholson, Founder of Healings in Motion and a Stroke Survivor.
Stroke Awareness in the Central Valley is part of a month long outreach effort to increase awareness. Presentations at schools, for organizations and requested groups also compliment the partnership of Healings in Motion and Stroke Resources, Inc. and culminate with this special event designed to increase stroke awareness and share resources and professional perspectives on both stroke prevention and recovery.

This event is open to the public. To insure amble seating pre-registration is requested. Transportation will be available from Modesto to this event courtesy of the Stanislaus County Area Agency on Aging. Please call 558-8698 to make transportation arrangements.

Speakers include Dr. Richard Heck, a local medical doctor who had a stroke at 37 years old. He was healthy and athletic. How could a stroke happen to him? The Keynote Speaker is Bob Parsons, a Stanford graduate, successful businessman in San Jose, CA and stroke survivor speaks candidly and with extensive knowledge about strokes. Parsons has spoken to thousands of people nationally on behalf of the Stanford Stroke Center and Stroke Awareness Foundation in Santa Clara.

As an added-value to this event will be Cheryl Harless and Breanna Garrison, Directors of the regions 1st Certified Stroke Center, Doctor’s Medical Center in Modesto, CA. They will discuss stroke protocol and the benefits of being designated as a Certified Stroke Center.

Optional activities also included will be Brain Exercises and Art Therapy. The day concludes with a panel discussion, “Coping with Challenging Healthcare Issues” featuring Rita Vasquez, MA, BC, Family Counseling, Villa Marche, Corie Moyer, Director, Client Services, Arcadia Health Care and Charlotte Stackpole, MPA, Eldercare Advisor, “A Place for Mom”. Panel Moderator will be Manny Alonzo, RN MSN CNS, St. Joseph’s Hospital. A very important part of the day will include exhibits and hand-out materials. 3 CEU Units offered. Pre-registration for certificates and packets are needed.

Healings in Motion is a patient-driven agency that achieves its mission to lower the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling community outreach programs, calling for continued improvement in the quality of stroke patient care, and educating both healthcare professionals and the general public about stroke and post stroke care. It presents monthly educational programs featuring experts focused on brain health and annual events including the Caregiver Symposium and the Coach for Life’s Champions Awards Dinner & Show

Stroke Resources, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization presenting monthly Stroke Luncheons for Stroke Survivors and their families and hosts a monthly caregiver support group. Annually Stroke Resources proudly presents the Stanislaus Regional Stroke Symposium.


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