Volunteer Opportunities for Tangible Results!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to assist our patient-driven non-profit organization.

Healings in Motion has existed because of the need discovered after experiencing a stroke and sharing similar challenges with many others who have had a stroke or having a family member or friend who has suffered because of one.

Volunteering takes the focus off of you and your challenges and allows you to make a difference in a substantive way to help restore life and purpose to others who have experienced a life threatening illness like a stroke.

Healings in Motion was developed in the midst of it’s founder’s recovery from a stroke. The premise was that by taking the focus off herself she would give he no time or attentions to obstacles to her healing.. She has made incredible progress with her recovery and has worked with other survivors to support their recovery.

Healings in Motion is positioned to take a giant leap to better serve the Central Valley. To succeed we need your help. Listed below are the areas we need volunteers to help us surge forward to create a sustainable organization and affect change!

Volunteer Coordinator: Coordinate volunteers to ensure that their time is well spent and abilities are used to our greatest benefit.

Fund Development

  • Grant Writer: to help with our fundraising efforts to present our events and for our operational cost.
  • Sponsorships for Coach for Life’s Champions Dinner
  • Sponsorships for the Caring for the Caregiver Symposium
  • Support for the Event Chairs
  • Donations and Fundraisers – online and solicitation

Legal Support: We need a Law Firm that will adopt Healings in Motion for Risk Management and for Contract Review and Development.

ITT Support: Make sure that we are current with technology and available software appropriate for Non-Profits growth.

Social Network Coordinator: Help us stay alive and keep our blog post updated.

Monthly Mailings: Help us prepare for mailers to send to database, including preparing the card or flier, labels and working with the Mailing Service.

Email Blitz: Quarterly Newsletter & Monthly blitz regarding events

Admin Assistant: Help with typing letters, filing, telephones

CV-RAPS Coordination: Help Set-Up and Break down for monthly programs, work with Caterer to ensure food, and utensils are available and technical items are ready for the event.

Caregiver Support: Call and Receive Calls from Survivors, Caregivers and family members.

Coach for Life’s Champions Award: Encourage patient participation, garner raffle prizes and prizes for the silent auction. Help sell tickets!

Community Outreach: Represent Healings in Motion at events with table set up and pass out of materials and stroke awareness. Represent Healings in Motion at Stroke Support Group Meetings in Tracy, Stockton, Lodi and Modesto.

There is something to do for everyone! We encourage Stroke Survivors to volunteer at whatever level of capabilities can serve for whatever limited time you may have. Family members are encouraged to help us grow so that we can grow to our full potential.

For more information, call us at 877-672-4480 or email us at volunteer@healingsinmotion.org

Be A Part of Our Growth!


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