Our Story

Mary Nicholson, Founder of Healings in Motion, was a businesswoman. After her stroke, she felt that her biggest business venture was to reclaim her life. She was the CEO of her life.

She had just experienced a detrimental loss as her newly wedded husband died from Pancreatic Cancer. In fact, her journey of change began with a broken heart that was so severe and painful Nicholson was hospitalized twice. She could not believe the love that swept her off her feet was gone.

Still mourning her loss, Ms. Nicholson had a brain aneurysm, Ischemic stroke on the operating table, grand mal seizure and a frozen shoulder. She began the fight for her life. As a businesswoman, Nicholson felt that her body, mind and soul were her #1 business and priority, even though she could no longer walk, drive or make a complete sentence at the time.

Nicholson worked to gain strength and be engaged in organizations that worked with others with disabilities. Her biggest challenge was to coordinate and sponsor the 1st Central Valley Learning Disability Fair. She found a beautiful facility to begin the Central Valley Recovery, Awareness, Preventing Strokes program, “CV-RAPS” working to bring resources and experts to the Central Valley without geographic limitations. She has received many request to begin chapters in other locations throughout the United State, but it’s roots are firmly rooted in the Central Valley CA.

Healings in Motion brings other survivors together to share resources and to bring people together to hear experts to lend their expertise. Healings in Motion helps others channel grief from loss negative into a positive approach to healing.

Healings in Motion, through example,  encourages survivors to reach outward to expand abilities and be their best self. The organization is primarily run by Survivors and Caregivers.

Healings in Motion advocates for the best stroke care and Caregiver Training and self-care.

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