About Us

An Emerging Post Discharge Solution Provider

Mission:  Healings in Motion is an emerging Post Discharge Solution Provider that provides innovative and high quality services that fills a critical missing link vital to long term recovery of chronic ailments – a bridge between acute care and recovery.

Vision: Being a Post Discharge Solution Provider, Healings In Motion focuses on improving stroke and brain injury care, addressing the disconnect that often takes place at discharge. Hospitals are not set up to manage post discharge care. The patient discharge process hands off the survivors to no entity without a game plan for continuous systematic recovery, even though the recovery process is just beginning. Such a disconnect makes the care process incomplete and leaves steps that follow to  caregivers. As an indispensable solution provider to the long term care process, Healings In Motion introduces solutions to address such issues at the root causes, building scalable long term recovery processes. 

Services provided under the following disciplines:

      1. Survivor Engagement
      2. Research Partnership
      3. Social Networking
      4. Awareness, which includes education, training and advocacy

Partnerships include but are not limited to:  

  1. Survivor Engagement: hospitals, rehab centers, local/national support organizations 
  2. Research Partnership: medical schools, medical research institutes, policy researchers, public health think tanks, biotech companies, pharmaceuticals.
  3. Social Networking: government agencies, rights advocacy organizations, local support organizations.
  4. Awareness: local support organizations, rights advocacy groups, hospitals, public health agencies,retail partners, fire departments, faith organizations, North CA Neuro Nurses, Northern CA Stroke Coordinators, University of the Pacific, Department of Aging, Worknet, Health Plan of San Joaquin and others.

Accomplishments by Healings in Motion

Policy & System Change

    1. Hospitals to become Primary Stroke Centers with 24/7 Neuro Consults. 
    2. EMS Hospital Designations- Served on Committee of 4 / 3 being from EMS
    3. Spotlight How Stroke is Occurring at a Younger Age and Affecting the Workforce
    4. Work to Bridge Communication Gaps Between Health Services, Dept of Aging and other service providers regarding stroke.
    5. Expose and Advocate Against Racial and Health Equities in Stroke Care
    6. Raise awareness about stroke and stroke care amongst elected officials
    7. Increased awareness about the growing number of people living with disabilities; stroke being the leading cause of long-term adult disabilities

Impacted Erasing Stigmas Associated with Stroke (In progress)

    1. Victims vs Survivors
    2. Stroke is Preventable.  It is Your Fault.
    3. Stroke is Treatable, but conditional and time being a major factor

Healings in Motion is a qualified Post Discharge Solution Provider

  1. Over the years, Healings in Motion has been focusing on offering services to improve post discharge support to survivors and caregivers. It has developed a sizeable trusted network and service offerings well received by its audience.
  2. Healings in Motion is a qualified vendor to state and county governments.
  3. Healings in Motion has been a trusted adviser to local hospitals on stroke and caregiver support.

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