About Us

Here Is What We’re All About

Healings in Motion is a patient-driven agency that serves a significant population of people who have had strokes, brain injuries and brain attacks. To prevent strokes, Healings in Motion also includes educational support to focus on the symptoms that trigger strokes.

Healings in Motion provides socially-conscious programs that increase self esteem, promote self-advocacy and supports recovery and prevention. It’s programs offer hope to patients, consumers and to those partnering in the health care of those with special needs.

Healings in Motion is supported by socially-sensitive and positive focused businesses interested in helping those with a life-changing illness or disease.

The programs offered by Healings in Motion are established to address gaps within areas of health care. In addition, the programs present opportunities for those with special needs to become engaged and occupied while healing. Through this effort support networks have strengthened and new ones have begun.

Healings in Motion produces great programs showcasing experts and resources, as well as other elements serving its mission.

Examine Healings in Motion’s resource page to find National, State and Regional Agencies or Services that offer assistance or insight into many diverse aspects of healing.

The need for Certified Stroke Center’s in high indexing areas will be a prominent focus for Healings in Motion in 2009. Collaborating with agencies throughout San Joaquin and surrounding Counties to actuate the California 2007-2015 Master Plan and significantly reduce strokes takes precedent for Healings in Motion.

The “Coach for Life’s Champion’s” Award will continue as it acknowledges businesses that operate with current data and provide quality service with dignity and respect to those with special needs. Patients and consumers are empowered to nominate, vote and determine the winner of this highly regarded and relishing award.

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