1st Annual BRAIN WALK

1st Annual BRAIN WALK

A F.A.S.T. Track to Stroke Awareness

Ready to walk over stigmas attached to strokes?  We Are!!!  A stroke can happen to anyone…young and old, rich or poor. Stroke symptoms occur “suddenly”.

A stroke happens when oxygen and nutrients are blocked and do not reach a part of your brain.  The longer the blockage, the more damage or disabilities occur.  Our challenge:  Stroke is still a leading cause of death and the #1 cause of long-term adult disabilities.  Many people do not know what a stroke is, the stroke symptoms or the risk factors.  Help us change that.

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800,000 strokes happen in America yearly; about 180,000 of them are reoccurring strokes and this is a devastating crisis for family, friends and co-workers.  80% of the stroke can be prevented.

Early recognition of the stroke symptoms can save you or your loved one’s quality of life.

Your participation in our walk makes you a partner for stroke awareness and progress.  Quick response to the stroke symptoms increases the best stroke care and increases the chances of recovery.

The funds raised will help us increase stroke awareness and fuels our fight against stroke and long-term disability.  Our focus is on the brain!!!

Click here or on the flyer below to participate!

Healings in Motion Brain Walk Flyer

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